PTSD… what it is and isn’t

PTSD is... being fine one moment, and not the next. PTSD is... pretending you're alright on the outside but screaming on the inside. PTSD is... like having a movie playing on loop, over and over until it becomes too much. PTSD is... losing everything you knew to fight a battle that doesn't end quickly. PTSD... Continue Reading →


5 Things Not to Say to People with PTSD

Most of the time, I have no idea what to blog about, but this was heavy on my mind today. Please note, I say this all in love. I say this to help those of you who do not suffer with PTSD. I say this to those who wonder what they've done wrong when we... Continue Reading →


After my last post on identity, I planned on doing a post on what made up my identity, but on Wednesday I had a PTSD anxiety attack in the city and wanted to share about it with you, as well as giving some tips for those who witness triggers. What Happened Mum and I headed... Continue Reading →


Who Am I? What Makes Me Who I Am? I don't often think about my 'identity'. But a recent conversation changed the way I see myself. I've been so consumed with fighting PTSD that it basically became me and when someone suggested I talk less about it, I recoiled like a tightly wound spring. People... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Goals for 2019

Happy New Year everyone. I did a video on this for my YouTube channel but I thought I'd do a written version too. So, I'll be sharing my top 5 goals with you. I hope you can be encouraged. 1. Lose 20kg I don't look all that bad, but the numbers say otherwise. I know... Continue Reading →

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