How Being Quarantined Has Affected Me

As I sat here wondering what to write, I tried to come up with creative ideas. I could tell you a funny story, I could finally finish that desk tour I've been writing since October last year (I decided not to because my desk has actually changed), or I could do some sort of tag.... Continue Reading →

21: A Reflection

Hey guys! I've been trying really hard lately to get back into blogging and I think I finally thought of an exciting post to do: a reflection of my 21st year. I've used most of the photos from my facebook post (some I didn't include as they had other people in them and I didn't... Continue Reading →

Be Where You Are

I've been learning a hard lesson lately. And that is, BE WHERE YOU ARE. So many times we jump ahead of the game, we plan too much... or even live in the past. That last bit is certainly true for me. Having PTSD adds a certain challenge to staying grounded but I've been using the... Continue Reading →

PTSD… what it is and isn’t

PTSD is... being fine one moment, and not the next. PTSD is... pretending you're alright on the outside but screaming on the inside. PTSD is... like having a movie playing on loop, over and over until it becomes too much. PTSD is... losing everything you knew to fight a battle that doesn't end quickly. PTSD... Continue Reading →

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