Who Am I? What Makes Me Who I Am? I don't often think about my 'identity'. But a recent conversation changed the way I see myself. I've been so consumed with fighting PTSD that it basically became me and when someone suggested I talk less about it, I recoiled like a tightly wound spring. People... Continue Reading →


Mini Life Update + I need your help

Hi all, I disappeared off the blogging Grid for a while because I had absolutely no inspiration. You know what they say - it's like trying to get blood out of a stone. I'll keep this post short - I'm doing things in 10 minute blitz's right now... The last post I did was December... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Goals for 2019

Happy New Year everyone. I did a video on this for my YouTube channel but I thought I'd do a written version too. So, I'll be sharing my top 5 goals with you. I hope you can be encouraged. 1. Lose 20kg I don't look all that bad, but the numbers say otherwise. I know... Continue Reading →

Give Love This Christmas

"Christmas is Canceled" That was probably the moment the little girl inside me started bawling. I was told that this year we weren't doing presents. Of course, I love to give. So this news was not music to my ears. It is now. Don't worry, my dear family. I'm alright now. Because I remembered what... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Bible Verses

Hey lovelies, I know this post is not everyone's style but I also know some who will appreciate this. So, here we go. If you aren't a bible reader, I've given what it means to me and maybe you can look at it as a quote. Grace and Peace to you all. 1. Who knows... Continue Reading →

Ever So Slightly Straighter

When I asked on my twitter, you said you wanted an invisalign update. So here I am, finally typing again. Sorry about that, uni has been crazy. As of right now, I am on my final day of Tray 9. I've had jaw aches the last three days. It's been constant. The Cool Things I've... Continue Reading →

A Caterpillar’s Wisdom

Hi all! I know.. I disappeared off the face of the earth again. I'm sorry. Third year has continued with a real bang.. yes, it's only another year or two.. but gosh, its tough. Anyway, onto the post. The other night as I meandered in the hallway of my home, my eyes caught on a... Continue Reading →

Beauty From Within

Hey folks! Long time, no write. Sorry about that. I've been super busy. Mini life update time I think: in the last 18 days (I checked my stats), I've read lots of books, drunk plenty of coffee and received the news that I not only failed an exam, but a paper too. My overall results... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Gifts

Hey all! If you were one of the amazing people who read my last post, THANKS! I don't know if I've ever mentioned it on here, but I love books! Especially ones that I can relate to. I happened to stumble across this one thanks to my trusty friend Goodreads.┬áThis particular book changed my entire... Continue Reading →

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